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Everything we do is about making you look & feel amazing gorgeous and sexy.

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Worcestershire Boudoir Photography – Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

The reasons that women of all ages and shapes choose to book a boudoir photography session are as many as there are women, but here are a few:

  • Regain confidence in your body image after having children, this is possibly the most popular reason mums come to us for make over boudoir photo shoots
  • You need to boost your self esteem after a bad relationship – We hear time and time again how much confidence girls get from their photo shoots after a relationship breakup. We have had ladies who had no self esteem enter the studio like little lambs and leave the studio like a magnificent lioness! head held high and feeling totally amazing
  • Your getting married and want to give him the most amazing pre wedding night treat, a gorgeous sexy boudoir album filled with super sexy photos of you, the girl of his dreams, the girl he will be giving himself to, tomorrow…..
  • Celebrating your birthday – age is just a number and there is beauty in every woman no matter what her age, 30 are popular, 40 is our most popular, 50 is quite popular and our oldest clients celebrating a birthday was 65 !!
  • It is something that you have always wanted to do – Deep down you have always wanted to be a bad girl, but never knew where to go or what to do, in our safe environment fully supported by your female make artist who stays with you from start to finish, this is your chance and your excuse !
  • Life is good and you look and feel fantastic so why not treat yourself to some amazing photos

If your thinking of Bridal Boudoir / wedding boudoir shoot as a gift for your fiance, have you already booked your wedding photographer,

We offer amazing wedding photography visit our Worcestershire Wedding Photographer page


Famed Hollywood glamour photographer George Hurrell said, “Bring out the best, conceal the worst, and leave something to the imagination.”

Glamour, Beauty and Boudoir photography has officially been transformed from over-done makeup and awkward poses to straight-up elegance and female empowerment.

When done properly, Intimate Portraits make clients feel like they have never felt before beautiful confident empowered gorgeoux assured sexy assertive stunning glamourous elegant and sophisticated.

Our goal for  boudoir, glamour and intimate portraits photography is to help real women see how beautiful they are no matter what size, shape or age. This is much more than taking some suggestive photos. We are on a mission to help women achieve a level of confidence and empowerment they have never experienced by suggesting more than is actually shown, in an elegant and tasteful manner.

Each woman has her very own special beauty.   This is what I live by when I photographed the many wonderful woman I have worked with as their boudoir photographer.

Celebrate your sensuality!

Your session is designed by both you and your photographer to create tasteful images that you will love and adore, to bring out fabulous emotions and make you realise just how amazing you are.

An intimate photograph that almost shows something is much more enticing than one that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Be as sexy as you want.

Create romantic and intimate and tasteful photos that make you look fabulous.

Soft and subtly sexy are what great boudoir is all about and we will help you create those prefect pictures.

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