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A short while ago we were visited by Miss S who came in for a boudoir shoot, Miss S came with another friend of hers, who was also doing a photo shoot and we may see some of her photos later down the line…..

As you know if your a follower of this site, its pretty New so I called Miss S and asked if she would mind if we used some of her photos, as expected (she was hugely confident during her photo shoot) she said yes to which I am very grateful to her for allowing use to use them

Miss S is the perfect example of someone who booked up for a bit of a boudoir shoot, but once she arrived at the studio, saw the slideshow, got into the swing of the shoot and feeling totally empowered by the whole experience felt confident enough to push herself a little and the shoot which started off more as boudoir ended up borderline between glamour and art nude.  We also managed to venture into the woods that surround the studio which we do often when the weather permits, currently its far too wet to get out there which is a same, this time last year we had girls out there in the snow !!!!  The cold never seems to be an issue just the soggy ground which is a killer.  Anyway, back to Miss S.

She was the kind of client you dream of coming into the studio, ultimately as a photo studio we are about selling photos and when your client is beautiful, has amazing eyes, fabulous hair, an amazing figure and knows how to tease the camera, you end up producing simply stunning photos with ever click of the camera.

Here are a few photos from the photo shoot – enjoy.

sexy boudoir photography kidderminster worcestershire

sexy boudoir photography

Pretty much one of the first photos

glamour photography

beautiful brunette
worcestershire boudoir
ourside glamour photography
sexy topless boudoir photography
boudoir photo studio midlands
glamour photography midlands
nude photoshoot
naked photoshoot
nude model photography

Many thanks to Miss S for letting us share the photos with you, and many thanks for choosing us to capture her photos.

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