An interesting prop for a Boudoir Photoshoot…..

Hello there,

What an amazing day today, we were visited by a mother and daughter today, which in its self is not an uncommon event, however what made it a more interesting is that both Mum and Daughter were having a boudoir shoot.

Prior to clients visiting our Worcestershire Boudoir Photography Studio we send them a detailed email with ideas, sample photos and a list of what to bring.  One line in there says, you can never bring too much, and we have pretty much seen it all – well today we had a bit of a surprise.  Mum brought a bottle of Jack Daniels with her, not to drink but to use as a photo prop, it was great fun.

We have seen pretty much everything used as props, we dont shock easily, some people bring items of their partners clothing, whip’s, riding crops, handcuffs and we have even seen (which was beautiful) a Vintage Violet Want – google it, its fascinating.

So back to today, The bottle of Jack !  –  Fist off, Jack is one of my favorite whiskeys so it was fun to have it in the studio.  (we didnt drink any)  I wanted to do something different so set about playing and working out what we could do. – Earlier in the day I was talking to a photographer friend about spot colour photos.  Spot colour is where the majority of the photo is black and white with only a splash of colour (Splash, see what I did 🙂  I said although personally I dont like them as I think they have been over done, if a client wants it, I will happy do it for them.  But as I looked (Jeanne (makeup artist) said drooled) at the bottle, I figured out with its rich colours I could do something nice with it.

I dont want to spoil the viewing so am only posting up one image, but here is a Taster (see I did it again) of Jack !

Worcestershire Boudoir Photography Studio

Hope you like !

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