Gloucestershire boudoir Photography – The Beautiful Miss K

Gloucestershire Boudoir Photography

One of the things we often find funny is the distances people travel to have their photos taken at our boudoir photography studio. BandGPhotography  (Boudoir and Glamour Photography) are located in Worcestershire which is only about 45 minutes from Gloucestershire which probably explains why we get a lot of clients who are looking for a Gloucestershire  Boudoir photography studio who travel to us for their photo shoot.

A couple of weeks ago Miss K came to visit is from Gloucestershire, when we asked why she picked us for her photo shoot, it was because when she was looking for a Gloucestershire boudoir photography studio she could not find one whos images ticked all the boxes. Miss K came armed with lots of ideas and sample photos and she rocked her photo shoot out, it was great.  Unusually Miss K had her photo shoot on Sunday as it was the only day we could all get our schedules together, generally we don’t open on Sundays however we are flexible and if its the only day that will work, we can and do make exceptions.

Yesterday Miss K kindly allowed us to share some of her photos with you, so please enjoy, if your thinking of a boudoir or glamour photography photo shoot, drop us an email, we may not be around the corner, but we are worth the journey !

You can find out more about our Boudoir Photography Here

A Beautiful Black and white glamour style back shot

Gloucestershire Boudoir Photography
The brick wall is a favorite with a lot of our boudoir clients

boudoir photography gloucestershire

We love montages and collages

gloucestershire boudoir photography
topless photography gloucestershire
Something slightly more in the style of Pin Up Photography

vintage photography gloucestershire
And more in the style of Black and white pinup !

pinup photography gloucestershire

As mentioned before, we LOVE the 9 Up way of showing off images

glamour photography gloucestershire
I love this image, the addition of the black stockings make it for me

art nude photography gloucestershire

 Just a fabulous sexy photo of the beautiful Miss K

topless gloucestershire photography

Many thanks to Miss K for allowing us to show off her photos,

You can find out more about our Boudoir Photography Here

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