Street shooting, sexy street photography London

Last weekend I had a wedding in London so while there took the time to hook up with the gorgeous Miss Natasha and we shot some street shots plus managed to pull off some interesting stuff in a Weatherspoons.

I was assisted at the wedding by Mark Armstrong and he came out on the Sunday for the street shooting too.   The images below are a mixture of his and mine from our time shooting Natasha.

Hope you enjoy.

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A beautiful Naked Yoga photo shoot

Hi there, today I am going to share with you a dozen images from a naked yoga photo shoot where my client (NOT A MODEL) posed in various Yoga positions.  BEFORE I share them with you, I first want to Thank Miss S who allowed me to share these with you and who literally bent over backwards to make sure the poses were prefect.  The shoot took a long time and getting the poses precise also took practice from her.  Miss S has been doing Yoga for years and currently studying  to become a Yoga instructor.  I am sure the photo shoot was a lot of work on side of the camera and quite a work out, it cant be easy with someone saying ….”stretch just a little more, left arm down 2 centimeters etc” So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK

I should warn you that by their nature they are nude images therefor they should be classed as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) although I dont see them as rude photos I see them as Art.

The idea was inspired by another photographer who posted photos of his wife who has been doing Yoga for years, when I saw the photos they were simply beautiful, breathtaking.  These photos are not about sex or being sexy they are just simply a body of work capturing someone who has spent a long time developing and practicing an artform / discipline / sport or whatever you want to call it.

As you will see in the following photos Miss S had minimal make up on and her hair was natural as this again is not about looking beautiful, its about capturing the beauty of the images.

I have shared a sneak peek of these images with around 10 other clients, both past and ones currently booked into the studio to gauge opinion and so far it has been unanimous that the photos are simply beautiful.

One young lady said I like them I think they are interesting and beautiful” – Miss D

So I hope you enjoy.  Please feel free to leave any comments below and PLEASE join our mailing list, and visit our Facebook page at

many thanks.


**** Models Wanted ****

We are currently looking for 1 or 2 more models for this kind of shoot, we are looking for either ladies who can pose and hold Yoga poses or Contortionists who could create these and other poses.  If your interested in photo shoot please get in touch !!!!

The amazing Miss S.

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Nude Yoga Photo Shoot

naked yoga photo shoot
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Well as I said before I really hope you find these images beautiful and somewhat spiritual.

We are looking for models for similar photo shoots, if this is something that might interest you please get in touch.


Visit and Like us on Facebook –

Please feel free to leave a comment !

Hope you have a truly fabulous day

dpurslowMarch 5, 2017 - 5:07 pm

thank you thank you thank you simply amazing

Christmas 2017 Boudoir Photography Special Offer

Hey there, well its that time of the year again.  This year we are limited on the numbers of Gift Certificates we have available and the number of special offer photo shoots we can do.  Therefor its strictly first come first served.

We specialise in creating GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, TASTEFUL, ALLURING PHOTOS at our worcestershire photo studio. – Our make up artists are the best you will find, and are award winning and in high demand – Your photoshoot will be amazing, you will feel like a true star and the end results will blow your mind and his socks off !

Our Christmas special offer can be brought either as a photo shoot prior to Christmas so you can spice up his Christmas and put a little cheer in your stockings 🙂


it can be brought as a beautiful gift certificate – the details of what you get are listed below, but its a fabulous offer with a HUGE saving.

We had 10 available and at the time of writing this (thanks to facebook) we are now down to 7 only and its not gone live yet…..

Dont miss out

View our samples below to see the kinds of images we create.

I should point out we offer, make over’s and beauty shoots for 14 – 18 years olds – a parent must be present and the shoot is strictly all about fashion and beauty.

We also offer, Boudoir, Glamour, Make Over, Beauty, Art Nude and Fine Art Nude photography.  We shoot either in the studio or the ground around the studio

We specialise in creating model portfolios




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The gorgeous Miss A in the rain !

Today Miss A stopped in for a little red riding hood shoot, however it was pissing down with rain and far too wet to shoot red riding hood outside, so what do you do when its that wet ?

Get naked, frolick around in front of the motorbike boys smoking their cigarettes and shoot a nice rain photo.

Just as I was ready the rain eased off, so I have added some after the shoot, but will shoot it again next time is pissing down and we have Miss A here.

worcestershire art nude photographer

Boudoir and Art Nude Photo Studio Worcestershire UK

Hello there,

This weekend one of our past clients came back for another shoot !!! – we always love it when clients return.  The gorgeous Miss A, was one of our favorite clients of 2015, mainly because she was up for anything artistic ! – Miss a produced some truly amazing images (see a few posts below) in the summer around the lake in the grounds of the studio.

Our boudoir and glamour photography studio is located in Hartlebury in Worcestershire and we have woods and a few lakes in the grounds.  From time to time we get ladies in who want some outdoor art nude photos, and this is exactly what Miss A shot in the summer.

Well over the weekend she returned and her first request was to get outside and shoot some more photos outdoors.  Miss A happens to be a very confident young lady so is not shy about posing for nude photos outdoors !, we shot some great ones last time, and I think some even better ones this time.

We also shot a few weird and wonderful photos that we are going to use for advertising etc over the next few weeks with our Christmas Special Offers !!! – watch this space for more info on that.

So many thanks naturally go to the amazing Miss Gaby our award winning make up artist, and to the ever smiling, ever happy and ever bouncing off the walls Miss A – Who also happens to be the EVER EATING OUR HARRIBOS  GIRL !

*** The bottom two photos are out takes, Miss A said her mum would love these so we have added them here ***

Remember visit our facebook page at to connect with us online and view our Worcestershire Boudoir photography page.

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behind the scenes photos - outtake 2


Worcestershire Glamour / Boudoir Photography – Snake Shoot with Nikki Maria

The amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick – the snake !

Warning – Naked girl with HUGE boa snake photos !!!!

From time to time we get some fun shoots in the studio, this was just such a shoot, it featured the two of my favorite

models, the amazing Nikki Maria and Tallulah (her photos will be coming in  a few days)

Nikki Maria is a fabulous alternative model with a very distinctive look, very heavily tattooed, with her cross Portuguese skin, amazing red hair and killer figure, she really zings off the page and is a photographer dream to photograph.  That and she is not afraid of snakes, made this a great shoot.

Bloodrick kindly lent to us by Calvin was a superstar, this very big and impressive Boa played his part to perfection.

We are offering photo shoot with Bloodrick at the studio, if your interested contact us for more information.  We are a worcestershire boudoir and glamour photography studio that liked to live on the edge !

Here she is the amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick.

Makeup by the amazing Gaby !

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sexy naked girl outside with snake

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Heavily tattooed girls wanted for fun photo shoots !

Hello there,

We have been building up a bit of a collection of gorgeous tattooed girls, and this month were published in Tattoo Kultur Magaine

With this in mind, we are looking for any heavily tattooed girls interested in having a glamour / implied topless / implied nude photo shoot.

It does not matter if you have never done anything like this before, we will take very good care of you, you will have your very own professional make up artist with you from the time you arrive to the time you leave, SHE (always female) is there to help you with any clothing issues, helping cover bits etc.  She will do you hair and make up for you also before the shoot.

Implied topless means where you have no bra and can see side boob but no nipple or your laying on your tummy with your nipples pressed into a bed sheet etc.  You could also be on your back with your hands / hair covering your nipples.

Implied nude is basically the same thing but again without actually showing your lady bits or nipples.


Ideally we are looking for tattoo’s that are of a theme, full sleeves or partial sleeves are highly desirable as well as back / chest / leg tattoos.

Our Standard Make Over Photoshoot (Normally £175.00)
You come to our studio (located in Hartlebury Worcestershire – Just outside of Kidderminster)
Full professional Make Over / Dry hair Styling
Photos shoot  1 – 3 hours or so depending on outfits, sets etc
Return visit to the studio about a week later to view the photos
Your favorite photo printed as a 10 x 15 inch wall portrait free of charge (normally £100.00)
Web Sized copy of your favorite photo so share online etc
25% discount on any other prints / product you order

Interested send us an email – ignore the cryptic message at the top of the form, its from a different page – I was too lazy to create a whole new one.

Please INCLUDE A PHOTO that shows off your tattoos !

If you on a mobile its probably best if you simply send us an email to and attache a photo or 2

However if you fill in this form, we will get your email right away !

Simply fill in the form below and no matter where we are, we will receive it the second we get back to a computer. If your contacting us regarding a boudoir, glmaour, art nude or Model portfolio building photoshoot why not upload a recent photo - its always nice to put a face to the name 🙂


Here are a few examples from previous shoot & our 6 page spread in the  latest edition of Tattoo Kultur

tattoo kulture magazine - models wanted

Worcestershire UK Tattooed models wanted

West midlands tattooed models wanted
free photo shoots for tattooed girls

The amazing tattooed model Becky Holt
becky holt tattooed model in bath of milk.
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Hello there,

We are looking for 2 or 3 girls / ladies for 4 different types of photo shoots.

No modeling experience is necessary, and it is okay if you have never done boudoir or sexy photos before!

Selected candidates will receive a complimentary photo shoot experience as well as a full edited hand finished 10×15 inch print of your favorite image

The photo shoots will take place later this month of August or early in September, we have both week day and weekend appointments available

The images will be featured on our Boudoir and Glamour Photography website & Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Promotional Certificates

We have just posted up a page on our site for our latest models call you can find all the details by CLICKING HERE

or by visiting

1. Makeover & Boudoir Shoot – NON NUDE
(3 female models required)
** Aged between 28 – 45 **

2. Fitness models – NON NUDE
Female – Aged between 18 and 34
Must be in great condition with good muscle definition.
(2 models required)

3. Art nude / Fine Art Nude model –
As the name suggest this is for tasteful but nude fine art shots / body scapes.
(2 model required)

4. Inked up ladies
think Suicide girls kind of look. We have recently been published in a Tattoo Magazine and are looking for 2 more ladies who would like to be submitted and possibly published. Ideally you will be HEAVILY tattooed. This ideally would be to implied nude / possibly topless but tasteful.
(3 models required)




uk boudoir photography


Published again ! – Worcestershire Glamour Studio

Hi there,

Just wanted to share some exciting news, this week we were published again, this time in Tattoo Kultur magaizne.

Tattoo Kultur is a magazine dedicated of ladies of Ink (one of my personal photography likes) so when Nikki the model in question called me up asking to shoot with us I was more than happy to oblige.

Yesterday a very excited Nikki called me back saying guess what, we have been published.

We got 6 pages in total, spread over 3 double page spreads.

We are always looking for models with lots of tattoos etc to work with, so if your interested please email  for more info

We are based in Hartlebury Worcestershire in the UK and specialise in Glamour, Boudoir and Erotic photography, we always keep the the tasteful side of each genre.

thanks to Nikki for being such a fab model, thanks to Gaby for doing the make up and sticking around throughout the whole shoot.


Tattoo Kultur is a magazine for Tattooed ladies, Suicidegirls, suicide girls, ladies of metal etc,

Worcestershire Fine Art Nude Photography Studio

Hello there,

A few weeks back we posted a Model Call – (We will be posting another one shortly so watch this space)

Normally our model calls are for boudoir / glamour shoot, but for this one we also were looking for a petite model for some fine art / art nude photos.

Well we were very pleased when the gorgeous Miss L dropped us an email saying she was interested.  As it happens Miss L was a friend of someone who had also been in recently for a boudoir photo shoot so knew a little about us, a few detailed emails later, a few selfie photos exchanged (well she send them to us, dont think she really worried what we looked like) and a date was set.

Normally when we ask for Model Call Models – we send a detailed list of what to bring and our models for the day turn up with bags of underwear, lingerie, sexy outfits etc etc etc.  The fine art nude shoot was different and we explained up front that Miss L would basically be naked from start to finish and that all she needed to bring was her violin which we found out about during our chats and email exchanges.

I think its fair to say that from the very start of our emails till the second she turned up Miss L was a very confident young lady, however the second she walked through the door, she felt a little bit nervous, but she pushed herself and when we were ready to start, stripped off and was straight into it.

Fine art nude, art nude photoshoots are (we are often told) easier to model for as a non model because once your naked, your naked.  Boudoir shoots start off clothed then you slowly strip off till your in your underwear, then topless (if your doing topless) then implied nude, naked but without showing any ‘nughty’ bits.  Then possibly topless and some gentle nudes if your going that far, so you have many levels to break through, whereas, as I already said, with fine art nude shoots, your basically naked from the start so your inhibitions and reservation go out the window right away.

Last week we finished editing the photos and sent them along to her,

Her response was AMAZING I shall see if I can dig it out, edit out certain bits and pop it online for you to see.

She absolutely loved the whole process from start to finish and was blown away by the results.

As part of the model call we get to use the images but we do check to make sure before hand and both agree on what images can be used, here is the FIRST BATCH of the gorgeous Miss L’s photos.

These are the more Fine art / Fine art nude photos.

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nude violin and naked girl
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beutiful naked girl samuri sword
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many many thanks to the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Miss L for answering our model call and for being so amazing on the day, we LOVED LOVED LOVED having her here for her shoot and cant wait for her to come back.


Worcestershire Boudoir, Glamour and Nude photo studio

The Stunning and gorgeous Miss A

I love this time of year ! – its true, as a boudoir photography studio we spend most of our time in the studio.  This time of year however we have a few weeks where the grass is long and beautiful to photograph in.  Last week Miss A visited us for a make over boudoir photo shoot, Miss A is a little bit extroverted so the shoot ended up more along the lines of a mild glamour photo shoot.

Typically when shooting nude photos of our ladies, we build them up slowly, staring off in lingerie, then moving to implied nudes, maybe a bum cheek poking out or maybe a little bit of “side boob” that sort of thing, then (remembering that its only if its what the client wants) we move into some topless photos then eventually onto nudes.

Well when Miss A watched the slideshow and in our pre shoot consultations she loved the idea of nudes and said she had no problem with tasteful naked photos, the LOVED the ones around the lake (our studio is on a farm and we have several fishing lakes that make for amazing backgrounds).  We pointed out that as Miss A’s shoot was an evening shoot, by the time her make over (hair and make up) was done, it would be close to loosing the light for the photos, so if she wanted the art nude photos around the lake etc, then we would need to do them first, without the warmup so to speak,  she simply replied, “Okay, no problem, lets do that then”

The shoot was fabulous, Miss A turned up with a ton of stuff, most of it we didnt get to use but its always better to have too much than too little, she brought the most important thing with her however, the desire to have a good time and a well practice smile and sultry look.  (if your ever planning on having a make over boudoir photo shoot – start practicing your sultry come hither face now)

Jordan our fabulous make up artist did an amazing job as always, and an outtake photo you will see she was constantly adjusting hair and make up throughout.

Miss A has graciously let us share some of her amazing photos with you, I hope you enjoy.

We are a boutique boudoir and glamour photography studio located in Worcestershire in the UK, we offer make over boudoir, glamour, art nude, fine art nude and erotic (50 shades of grey etc) inspired photo shoots for the average girl next door, mums, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends etc.  99% of our photos are of ‘real girls’ and not models.  We love showing off our real clients work as its easy to create beautiful images with models – we prefer to create amazing images with our real clients and showcase just how beautiful they are.

So here you go, the stunningly gorgeous Miss A – another of our amazing clients and yet another of our favorites !

beautiful semi naked girl in the grass - worcestershire boudoir photography

sexy naked blong girl in the grass
beautiful hippy girl playing naked in the grass

tasteful-art-nude photography worcestershire

sexy art nude photo worcestershire studio
sexy cute naked girl by the lake

beautiful sexy girl topless in a field of long grass
gorgeous girl in long grass, very sexy

sexy country girl stipping in field of long grass

beautiful and smoking hot girl


beautiful and sexy girl topless on bed



perkyboobs - beautiful topless girl
naked girl wet in the shower
worcestershire fetish photography

And last but not least an outtake from the shoot, here our fabulous make up artist is putting the finishing touches to Miss A just before we start shooting

behind the scenes boudoir photography

Boudoir photography Studio Worcestershire

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Worcestershire boudoir photography studio

B&G (Boudoir & Glamour) were visited last week by the amazing Miss Sienna.

Gaby one of our fabulous make up artists was very excited the second Sienna came into the studio, she said she had the perfect fact to work on, stunning to look at and flawless.

The photo shoot was a ‘typical’ boudoir style photo shoot aiming more at cure and sexy photos than more sexy raunchy photos we normally shoot during a glamour photo shoot.

While Sienna was having her make over before her photo shoot, I worked out what we were going to shoot, as I wanted to make Sienna got the most bang for her buck as they say.

The photo shoot was fabulous, it produced some amazing images, some of which you can see below.

hope you like the amazing boudoir photos of Miss Sienna.

We offer boudoir and glamour photography photo shoots including your very own professional make up artist who stays with you for the whole photo shoot.  She is there to take care of your every neeed, from helping with stockings etc to making you drinks, touching up your make up throughout your shoot etc.  You really will feel like a superstar.

In the next few days we will be adding a few more photos from Sienna’s amazing photo shoot, they are a little more sexy and contain some slight nudity.

Also we have just launched our very own mailing list were we send you information on our very latest offers, our latest’s blog posts, website updates  etc – if you want to be the first to find out about these things, then simply fill in the form below the gorgeous photos of Sienna.

Many thanks to the beautiful Miss Sienna for letting us use the photos !

Enjoy !

beautiful and sexy boudoir photography
gorgeous blond topless in a hat
a beautiful and sexy blond daning in a sexy white dress
boudoir photography worcestershire
gorgeous sexy naked girl laying on a bed
beautiful semi naked girl on a bed with killer heals
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bromsgrove make over photo shoot boudoir style
totally sexy blond laying on a bed semi naked
sexy black and white photography for worcestershire
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boudoir photo shoot and make over in worcestershire

******* BREAKING NEWS ********


Please note:

We never give your information to anyone or sell it to third parties, we will use it for internal use only.

We will never bombard you with spam emails etc, and you can expect a Maximum of 2 emails per week

Every email will give you the option to unsubscribe from the list.

so join up and be the first to know when we add new photos to the blog !



Check out the latest new addition to the studio

This is our latest prop, our fabulous new bed,

As a boudoir and glamour photograph studio, we like things that make our ladies look sensational, and our new sexy boudoir bed has been a firm favorite since we got it set up a couple of weeks ago.  So far every shoot, the bed has created some of the clients favorite images.

Its so cute !!!

Here one of our fabulous make up artists is helping us try it out for size, Jeanne shines and makes the bed look simply amazing

worcestershire boudoir photography bed set
sexy brunette on bed at worcestershire boudoir photo studio
looking stunning on our new bed set, the amazing Jeanne
beautiful sexy boudoir photography for worcestershire

and a few more photos, this time of Miss M and Miss V who again both make our bed look simply yummy and scrumptious

killer sexy heals on a sexy bed
glamour photography worcestershire
make over photo shoot worcestershire
beautiful sexy model photography worcestershire
sexy boudoir photography
beautiful blond sexy photo
boudoir and glamour photograpahy
uk boudoir photography
worcestershire boudoir photography
as you can see these ladies make our bed look simply amazing, we love it, the clients love it and its a huge hit.

Looking to get some boudoir photographs take of yourself, searching for a boudoir photograph studio in the UK, we are located in Hartlebury in Worcestershire.  We are very different to most studios, we are not high volume we are all about having a fabulous boudoir photography photo shoot experience.

On facebook – why not hook up with us on our facebook page at


Thursdays are Booty & Leg days at Boudoir & Glamour

Boudoir and Glamour photography are a photo studio based in Worcestershire in the UK, we offer make over photo shoots for ladies from 18 to any age, our oldest client so far has been 64.  Each lady is treated to a full professional make over including hair styling and then a fantastic photo shoot where your female make up artist stays with you for the whole shoot to make sure your looking amazing and fabulous !

We have been blessed over the years (now in our 4th year as Boudoir & Glamour) to have so many amazing clients who not only love their photos but are willing to let us share them, so from here on in, Thursdays will be Booty and Leg days, we will share a few of our favorite photos focusing on the booty and the legs  (and in many cases the amazing shoes)

We always ask our ladies if the photos are for them or for a partner, and if its for a partner, are they a Leg, Booty or Boob man, we find that around 40 % are boob men, 30 % are leg men and 30 % are booty men.

So to kick off Booty and Leg day for the first time, here are 5 of our favorites !

Check out these amazing Booty and Leg photos

sexy legs in stockings
amazing legs, fabulous shoes, sexy lady
fabulous booty bum shot photo
very sexy bum and leg photography worcestershire uk

50 shades of grey inspired bondage photo shoots

Hello there,

Well its that time again, thanks to the 50 shades of grey film, it seems that 50 shades of grey photo shoot are popular again.  When the books first came out it seemed that were tying up, handcuffing and putting ladies into restraints every single day for months.

Now the film has been seen by millions, our 50 shades of grey photo shoots are proving very popular all over again.

If ever you fancied having a fetish photo shoot, a bdsm photo shoot (gentle bdsm)  or a 50 shades of grey playful photo shoot then why not visit our Worcestershire boudoir and glamour photography studio for an amazing photo shoot ?

You get your very own make up artist who stays with you for your whole photo shoot, its HER who ties you up, puts you into handcuffs, helps you with your stockings etc – she is there to make you feel totally at ease and to cater to your every whim.

The end results are breathtaking, beautiful, sexy fetish photography tha tyou will be proud to show off.

Check out a few of our classics from the past few years.

50 shades of grey photography
fetish photography worcestershire
bdsm photography worcestershire
girls in handcuffs
sexy fetish photography worcestershire
boudoir and glamour photography worcestershire
very sexy fetish photography worcestershire

Worcestershire boudoir photography – Miss T

This morning the gorgeous Miss T came into the studio for make over and boudoir photo shoot, she brought some amazing outfits, that I cant wait to share with you, currently this is the only one, a bit of a sneak peek.

We offer boudoir and glamour photo shoots from our studio located in Hartlebury in Worcestershire, be sure to check out our website for full details on what we do and what we offer

The smoking hot miss T !

worcestershire boudoir photography uk

Glamour, Pinup & Boudoir photography worcestershire

Here are a few more photos of the smoking hot Miss M who came to us last week, love the head shots !!!  finally edited a couple how I like them.  The bed shot is one of my favorites too.