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Worcestershire Glamour / Boudoir Photography – Snake Shoot with Nikki Maria

The amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick – the snake !

Warning – Naked girl with HUGE boa snake photos !!!!

From time to time we get some fun shoots in the studio, this was just such a shoot, it featured the two of my favorite

models, the amazing Nikki Maria and Tallulah (her photos will be coming in  a few days)

Nikki Maria is a fabulous alternative model with a very distinctive look, very heavily tattooed, with her cross Portuguese skin, amazing red hair and killer figure, she really zings off the page and is a photographer dream to photograph.  That and she is not afraid of snakes, made this a great shoot.

Bloodrick kindly lent to us by Calvin was a superstar, this very big and impressive Boa played his part to perfection.

We are offering photo shoot with Bloodrick at the studio, if your interested contact us for more information.  We are a worcestershire boudoir and glamour photography studio that liked to live on the edge !

Here she is the amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick.

Makeup by the amazing Gaby !

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Worcestershire Fine Art Nude Photography Studio

Hello there,

A few weeks back we posted a Model Call – (We will be posting another one shortly so watch this space)

Normally our model calls are for boudoir / glamour shoot, but for this one we also were looking for a petite model for some fine art / art nude photos.

Well we were very pleased when the gorgeous Miss L dropped us an email saying she was interested.  As it happens Miss L was a friend of someone who had also been in recently for a boudoir photo shoot so knew a little about us, a few detailed emails later, a few selfie photos exchanged (well she send them to us, dont think she really worried what we looked like) and a date was set.

Normally when we ask for Model Call Models – we send a detailed list of what to bring and our models for the day turn up with bags of underwear, lingerie, sexy outfits etc etc etc.  The fine art nude shoot was different and we explained up front that Miss L would basically be naked from start to finish and that all she needed to bring was her violin which we found out about during our chats and email exchanges.

I think its fair to say that from the very start of our emails till the second she turned up Miss L was a very confident young lady, however the second she walked through the door, she felt a little bit nervous, but she pushed herself and when we were ready to start, stripped off and was straight into it.

Fine art nude, art nude photoshoots are (we are often told) easier to model for as a non model because once your naked, your naked.  Boudoir shoots start off clothed then you slowly strip off till your in your underwear, then topless (if your doing topless) then implied nude, naked but without showing any ‘nughty’ bits.  Then possibly topless and some gentle nudes if your going that far, so you have many levels to break through, whereas, as I already said, with fine art nude shoots, your basically naked from the start so your inhibitions and reservation go out the window right away.

Last week we finished editing the photos and sent them along to her,

Her response was AMAZING I shall see if I can dig it out, edit out certain bits and pop it online for you to see.

She absolutely loved the whole process from start to finish and was blown away by the results.

As part of the model call we get to use the images but we do check to make sure before hand and both agree on what images can be used, here is the FIRST BATCH of the gorgeous Miss L’s photos.

These are the more Fine art / Fine art nude photos.

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many many thanks to the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Miss L for answering our model call and for being so amazing on the day, we LOVED LOVED LOVED having her here for her shoot and cant wait for her to come back.


Worcestershire Boudoir, Glamour and Nude photo studio

The Stunning and gorgeous Miss A

I love this time of year ! – its true, as a boudoir photography studio we spend most of our time in the studio.  This time of year however we have a few weeks where the grass is long and beautiful to photograph in.  Last week Miss A visited us for a make over boudoir photo shoot, Miss A is a little bit extroverted so the shoot ended up more along the lines of a mild glamour photo shoot.

Typically when shooting nude photos of our ladies, we build them up slowly, staring off in lingerie, then moving to implied nudes, maybe a bum cheek poking out or maybe a little bit of “side boob” that sort of thing, then (remembering that its only if its what the client wants) we move into some topless photos then eventually onto nudes.

Well when Miss A watched the slideshow and in our pre shoot consultations she loved the idea of nudes and said she had no problem with tasteful naked photos, the LOVED the ones around the lake (our studio is on a farm and we have several fishing lakes that make for amazing backgrounds).  We pointed out that as Miss A’s shoot was an evening shoot, by the time her make over (hair and make up) was done, it would be close to loosing the light for the photos, so if she wanted the art nude photos around the lake etc, then we would need to do them first, without the warmup so to speak,  she simply replied, “Okay, no problem, lets do that then”

The shoot was fabulous, Miss A turned up with a ton of stuff, most of it we didnt get to use but its always better to have too much than too little, she brought the most important thing with her however, the desire to have a good time and a well practice smile and sultry look.  (if your ever planning on having a make over boudoir photo shoot – start practicing your sultry come hither face now)

Jordan our fabulous make up artist did an amazing job as always, and an outtake photo you will see she was constantly adjusting hair and make up throughout.

Miss A has graciously let us share some of her amazing photos with you, I hope you enjoy.

We are a boutique boudoir and glamour photography studio located in Worcestershire in the UK, we offer make over boudoir, glamour, art nude, fine art nude and erotic (50 shades of grey etc) inspired photo shoots for the average girl next door, mums, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends etc.  99% of our photos are of ‘real girls’ and not models.  We love showing off our real clients work as its easy to create beautiful images with models – we prefer to create amazing images with our real clients and showcase just how beautiful they are.

So here you go, the stunningly gorgeous Miss A – another of our amazing clients and yet another of our favorites !

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And last but not least an outtake from the shoot, here our fabulous make up artist is putting the finishing touches to Miss A just before we start shooting

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