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Worcestershire Glamour / Boudoir Photography – Snake Shoot with Nikki Maria

The amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick – the snake !

Warning – Naked girl with HUGE boa snake photos !!!!

From time to time we get some fun shoots in the studio, this was just such a shoot, it featured the two of my favorite

models, the amazing Nikki Maria and Tallulah (her photos will be coming in  a few days)

Nikki Maria is a fabulous alternative model with a very distinctive look, very heavily tattooed, with her cross Portuguese skin, amazing red hair and killer figure, she really zings off the page and is a photographer dream to photograph.  That and she is not afraid of snakes, made this a great shoot.

Bloodrick kindly lent to us by Calvin was a superstar, this very big and impressive Boa played his part to perfection.

We are offering photo shoot with Bloodrick at the studio, if your interested contact us for more information.  We are a worcestershire boudoir and glamour photography studio that liked to live on the edge !

Here she is the amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick.

Makeup by the amazing Gaby !

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Glamour, Pinup & Boudoir photography worcestershire

Here are a few more photos of the smoking hot Miss M who came to us last week, love the head shots !!!  finally edited a couple how I like them.  The bed shot is one of my favorites too.



The blog is back !!!!!!

Hello there, we are going to start updating our blog more often, we have been using Facebook to do most of our updates over the past couple of years however Facebook is limiting the quality and wont allow us to post un edited images, so with this in mind, we have decided to move slowly back to using our blog more and more for posts and updates.

BandG  (Boudoir and Glamour photography) is a photo studio based in Hartlebury Worcestershire and we specialise in high end boudoir & glamour photography as well as head shots, model portfolios etc.

Our facebook page is found at www.facebook.com/boudoirglamourphoto

Our Twitter page is is found at https://twitter.com/pinupnboudoir   or @pinupnboudoir

and (if your reading this you already found us) our website is www.bandgphotography.co.uk

Please bookmark us, follow our facebook page and our twitter for great offers, our latest works etc.


David & the team at B&G

Worcestershire boudoir photo studio

Art nude and Fine Art nude photography Worcestershire

Hi there,

Yesterday one of our favorite clients came back for another shoot, this time she wanted to try her hand at fine art nude and art nude photography.

Although the images look fairly simple, the technical side of art nude photography is fairly difficult, as its more about light and shadow than about seeing the whole person, and you can pick out body parts and create some interesting shapes and images but using creative lighting.

Here are a few photos from her photo shoot.

We offer Boudoir, Glamour, Art Nude and Fine Art Nude make over photo shoot at our worcestershire Studio located just 16 miles from Birmingham and 10 miles from Worcester.


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An amazing boudoir photo shoot reaction

Hi there,

Sometimes this really is the best job in the world, and not for the reasons you would think, Take yesterday for example. – The story actually starts about 10 days ago.

But before the story – the before and after photo…….

before and after boudoir photo shoot

…….. Ten days ago……….

There was a knock on the studio door, I was editing, I was on an editing day so had turned up at the studio early as we had a lot of shoots the previous week – Our studio is by appointment ONLY so I knew I had a free day in the diary as the whole day was set aside for editing – why am I using such long run on sentences….. well I was in an old t-shirt and sweat pants, had not shaved for 2 days and looked a bit of a scruffy bugger to be honest.

Not expecting anyone, I open the door and in bounces a lady I simply call Ghost – (Pronounced not as a Ghost that will scare you but more like the the word used in the menu at your favorite Indian) – to this day I still dont know how to pronounce her name properly.  I say bounced as I have never met anyone with as much enthusiasm or energy as Ghost in my entire life and I am 45 years old.  Funnily enough she took one look at me and said, Oh, my boudoir photo shoot is tomorrow isnt it, its not today…….    Yep ! But at lease she knew where she was coming and where we were.

The next day Ghost turned up (I had told Jordan  the make up artist all about the visit the day before) still full of energy and beans……

Ghost is from one of the former Eastern Block countries however her English is GREAT but her accent is still pretty strong and she talks faster than I type, which is pretty dammed fast to be honest, so keeping up with her was a bit of a job.  She also has an amazing figure and a very very very striking look.  We had the cuppa and looked thru what she had brought with her and then had a look at the slideshow – well her reaction was AMAZING to say the least, she loved all the photos but was said that not even her boyfriend gets to see her without any clothes on and as much as she would love to recreate some of the art nude poses or the fine art nude photos there was no way in a million years that, that was ever going to happen.

Well the shoot progresses and slowly Ghost looses her inhibitions (she can see the photos as we take them) and before the end of the shoot she is creating some amazing fine art nude poses.  At the end of the photoshoot she says it was one of the best experiences of her life, gives Jordan  and myself a huge hug and makes her viewing appointment for as it happens yesterday………..


20 minutes early Ghost turns up for her viewing – SHE CANT WAIT she tells me…….. – Well she has to wait as I need to pop the kettle on so she proceeds  to tell me what a great experience it was all over again and this is really nice to hear as its been a bit of a challenging week and its always great to hear happy stories from nice people.

Well cuppa tea in hand we settle down to view her slideshow…….  The gasps, cry’s and shrieks of joy are amazing – at the end of the slideshow Ghost spend 10 minutes telling me that she cant believe that the photos were of her and in her whole life she has NEVER been able to look at a photo of herself and feel like she felt while watching the slideshow.

at the end of the viewing / ordering session I gingerly ask (remembering that she does not even let her boyfriend she her naked) if I could share a few photos on the website.  She leaps across the table and gives me a GREAT BIG hug and says she would be so honored if I used them.  She wanted me to use all the ones she picked………

We will be starting a video testimonial section really soon, and with any luck I will get Ghost to be our first client to do the interview and you will see for yourself the power and the good and them amazing results a professional boudoir photos shoot can do for someones confidence.

This kind of reaction from our clients makes our job so REWARDING and when your not feeling 100 percent your best in a week where it seems one thing after another just gets on top of you (car failing its mot etc) you leave the studio at the end of the day thinking, My god, we do do a good job and our clients love what we do, we bring joy and happiness to our clients – this makes me at least feel amazing – so thanks Ghost for being my pick me up for the whole MONTH !!!!!

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Again, many many thanks to Ghost for letting us share her photos with you

The Team at BandGphotography – www.bandgphotography..co.uk