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Worcestershire Glamour / Boudoir Photography – Snake Shoot with Nikki Maria

The amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick – the snake !

Warning – Naked girl with HUGE boa snake photos !!!!

From time to time we get some fun shoots in the studio, this was just such a shoot, it featured the two of my favorite

models, the amazing Nikki Maria and Tallulah (her photos will be coming in  a few days)

Nikki Maria is a fabulous alternative model with a very distinctive look, very heavily tattooed, with her cross Portuguese skin, amazing red hair and killer figure, she really zings off the page and is a photographer dream to photograph.  That and she is not afraid of snakes, made this a great shoot.

Bloodrick kindly lent to us by Calvin was a superstar, this very big and impressive Boa played his part to perfection.

We are offering photo shoot with Bloodrick at the studio, if your interested contact us for more information.  We are a worcestershire boudoir and glamour photography studio that liked to live on the edge !

Here she is the amazing Nikki Maria and Bloodrick.

Makeup by the amazing Gaby !

beautiful naked girl with snake

worcestershire glamour photography

very sexy tattooed model

worcestershire photography naked girl snake

beautiful red head naked with snake

sexy naked girl and reptile photo shoot

very sexy red head nikkimaria model tattooed

nikkimaria tattooed alternative model

black and white sexy naked girl with snake

gorgeous naked red head with snake

worcestershire outdoor glamour photography

worcestershire nude outdoor photography


sexy naked girl outside with snake

beautiful sexy red head naked outdoors with snake in the grass

Thursdays are Booty & Leg days at Boudoir & Glamour

Boudoir and Glamour photography are a photo studio based in Worcestershire in the UK, we offer make over photo shoots for ladies from 18 to any age, our oldest client so far has been 64.  Each lady is treated to a full professional make over including hair styling and then a fantastic photo shoot where your female make up artist stays with you for the whole shoot to make sure your looking amazing and fabulous !

We have been blessed over the years (now in our 4th year as Boudoir & Glamour) to have so many amazing clients who not only love their photos but are willing to let us share them, so from here on in, Thursdays will be Booty and Leg days, we will share a few of our favorite photos focusing on the booty and the legs  (and in many cases the amazing shoes)

We always ask our ladies if the photos are for them or for a partner, and if its for a partner, are they a Leg, Booty or Boob man, we find that around 40 % are boob men, 30 % are leg men and 30 % are booty men.

So to kick off Booty and Leg day for the first time, here are 5 of our favorites !

Check out these amazing Booty and Leg photos

sexy legs in stockings
amazing legs, fabulous shoes, sexy lady
fabulous booty bum shot photo
very sexy bum and leg photography worcestershire uk

The blog is back !!!!!!

Hello there, we are going to start updating our blog more often, we have been using Facebook to do most of our updates over the past couple of years however Facebook is limiting the quality and wont allow us to post un edited images, so with this in mind, we have decided to move slowly back to using our blog more and more for posts and updates.

BandG  (Boudoir and Glamour photography) is a photo studio based in Hartlebury Worcestershire and we specialise in high end boudoir & glamour photography as well as head shots, model portfolios etc.

Our facebook page is found at www.facebook.com/boudoirglamourphoto

Our Twitter page is is found at https://twitter.com/pinupnboudoir   or @pinupnboudoir

and (if your reading this you already found us) our website is www.bandgphotography.co.uk

Please bookmark us, follow our facebook page and our twitter for great offers, our latest works etc.


David & the team at B&G

Worcestershire boudoir photo studio